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Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp is a U.S. Department of Justice approved credit counseling agency and issues credit counseling certificates in compliance with U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Agency’s services.

We offer both kinds of bankruptcy credit counseling – a pre-filing Budget and Credit Counseling Briefing, as well as a post-filing Personal Financial Management Instruction Course (Debtor Education Course) required before a discharge can be granted. We also have knowledgeable counselors who will assist you along the way.

If you are looking for a credit counseling certificate or debtor education certificate from an approved credit counselor, Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. will help you. You can easily complete a Budget and Credit Counseling briefing and receive your Credit Counseling Certificate today*. The Debtor Education course is more involved and will likely take two or more sittings, and will teach you personal financial management skills necessary to be financially successful in the future, but can also be completed today*.

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Sign up for your Pre Filing Credit Counseling and/or Post Filing Debtor Education Course(s). We will walk you through the course to help you get your Credit Counseling Certificate or Debtor Education Certificate today*.

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